Friday, September 18, 2009

Lunch at Leva, Sweets at Cibo

It's a gorgeous fall afternoon, warm and sunny with the leaves starting to turn from green to orange and yellow, so Edmonton performance artist Lance McLean and I headed over the bridge for lunch on the south side in the university district. Lance thought I might like Leva because they use fresh, local ingredients, and he was right. I had a delicious thin-crust pizza with porcini cream, Cambozola, mozzarella, potato, and mushrooms. We talked about life, the universe, and performance art while black and white magpies dove through the yellowing trees over head. I had a view of the the herb garden planted in the boulevard in front of the café where they grow the basil for their margherita pizzas.

Next, we headed to Cibo for dessert, which is right by the Garneau Theatre. I had read that they had hired a fancy French chef for the desserts, but they were decidedly Italian. I had the tiramisu and Lance had a nutty gelato. They were both good, but the dessert counter at Leva had looked a bit more interesting, just so ya know. I know there's a debate going on out there on which place has the best gelati. Get out there and enjoy the sunshine, Edmontonians! Tonight we party at the pool.

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