Thursday, September 17, 2009

Heads Up! Time Change Alert

I wanted to be sure you folks who aren't on Twitter know that Naufus's piece will start at approximately 5 pm today, not 4 pm as it states in the program, and it will last approximately one hour, as opposed to three. The costumes and props sound have piqued my curiousity, to be sure, and I hear that Megan Morman and Cindy Baker will be making special guest celebrity appearances. Naufus has also posted a recipe in the comments thread of the post on the "beef from hell" below, so be sure to bookmark that and copy it into your cookbooks.

Yesterday Megan, TL and I headed to Soul Soup on Rice Howard Way for lunchtime sustenance. (See the photo above.) No sign of Todd J. He must have something that keeps pulling him down to Cow Town. Could it be the superior all you can eat buffets? Only his hair dresser and podiatrist know for sure.

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